Advancing Entrepreneurial Intelligence
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The world is changing at the speed of startups. Is your company ready?

In the past, we used assembly-line approaches to business. The old way was to solve an equation, then replicate the solution. That kind of linear thinking supports a standardized process. But entrepreneurial leaders recognize that no perfect equation for success exists in the tumult of today’s economy. They invent new ways forward.



At Ingenuity, we advance entrepreneurial intelligence. Our products and services help leaders catapult forward to conceive and build high growth businesses. By harnessing talent in innovative ways, we galvanize your existing workforce to create and scale new opportunities while stimulating core operations. We don't benchmark progress to assess performance. This is backwards looking. Instead, we enable leaders to continuously integrate new expertise and create the future.



Six Skills Seminar


Our Six Skills Seminar provides intense half-day, one-day, and two-day instruction on the fundamental skills of today’s most successful entrepreneurs. Fortune 500 companies, governments, and nonprofits worldwide are tapping into the power of the six skills. We design hands-on, experiential learning applied to projects that participants are currently working on to fit the unique needs of your team.  The goal is to empower leaders to best compete in today’s entrepreneurial economy through: 

  • Six Skills Seminars
  • Interactive Exercises and Team Activities 
  • Skills-based Case Analysis
  • Sharing of Feedback in Structured Forums
  • Alignment of Organizational Culture


Entrepreneurial Toolkit


Our Entrepreneurial Toolkit empowers professionals with tools and technologies to unleash entrepreneurial effectiveness. With leading academics at Stanford University, we designed the EIQ (Entrepreneurial Intelligence Questionnaire) among other tools to enhance entrepreneurial skill. Whether you are looking for a robust self-assessment or a comprehensive team analysis, we provide leaders with a proven methodology for creating results.  Our tools help develop the skill to: 

  • Spot opportunities that others don’t see
  • Manage speed and cut through complexity 
  • Make quick and informed decisions 
  • Set a failure ratio and hone resilience 
  • Harness cognitive diversity to solve problems in new ways
  • Unleash generosity to increase productivity 


Executive Coaching


Our 1–1 Executive Coaching increases entrepreneurial ability, builds critical leadership, and drives results. We diagnose performance, teach executives to be creators within corporations, and engage leaders in exercises that enable them to immediately capture new opportunities. Our clients range from leaders of legacy institutions to founders of high growth startups including: 

  • C-Suite leaders responsible for driving growth across global businesses 
  • Managers, marketing executives, and engineers who are responsible for new technologies and ideas 
  • Regional and division unit leaders who are responsible for growth initiatives 
  • Executives responsible for technology transfer or commercializing ideas 


Entrepreneurial Management Services


Our Entrepreneurial Management Services provide end-to-end solutions to help companies harness the untapped talent within their workforce.  The aim is to outsmart, outpace, and outperform in the fast changing marketplace by harnessing entrepreneurial intelligence. We collaborate with clients to unleash talent within their organizations and transform traditional teams.  Each engagement is uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients.